Made with Love. The quality and sustainability of our products are fundamental elements that we hold in high regard. These two factors influence the decisions we make, without compromise. 

100% Organic & Fair. We place great importance on delivering products that are fairly produced and traded. Our accessories are fairly produced in an integrative workshop in Uk, where hearing-impaired women are trained as seamstresses. These hard-working women are thus provided with safe and secure working conditions, training, and of course fair wages. 

Our entire range of products is completely vegan – from their contents to the label printed on the packaging! It is our stance that animal byproducts should not be found in cosmetics. Who would want collagen obtained from the skin on fish or pork rinds? Unfortunately, not very many people are aware of the ingredients hidden in cosmetic products. Our products place importance on the power of plants! Even the labels (casein obtained from animals is conventionally used) and ink found on our packaging are vegan.

Ingredients matter: Less is More Our skin is our biggest organ. It is a vital part of the body that shields us against harmful influences. Cosmetics can contribute to healthy skin or damage the skin. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious about the types of ingredients you apply to the skin.

We do not want to expose ourselves to any health risks. Therefore, we forego any form of ingredient that may be dubious or alarming. If you agree, then our products are perfect for you! All ingredients found in our cosmetic products should not harm the body nor the environment.