Jasmine essential oil

Jasmine essential oil has been widely used for many centuries in several countries throughout the world. It comes from the tiny white flowers found on jasmine, or Jasminum Officinale plants. Renowned for its sweet and deeply rich aroma, it is used widely in the perfume and cosmetics industry. Jasmine (Jasminum Sambac) has been used in folk medicines in many countries due to its multipurpose properties. Ancient Egyptians used its calming qualities to cure headaches and improve sleep quality. It has also long been used throughout ancient China, Persia, and Egypt. Hongratanaworakit T (2010) described the effect of jasmine oil and presented evidence for its application in aromatherapy for mood improvement and relief of depression. In addition, Winai Sayowan et al (2013) examined the stimulatory effect of jasmine oil on the function of the nervous system. It has many positive benefits including antiseptic, antispasmodic, and rejuvenating properties. It’s a mood booster aiding the feeling of happiness whilst increasing confidence, reducing stress, anxiety, and anger. Additionally, jasmine oil helps to remove dirt from the skin and helps to treat acne.

Jasmine oil extraction

Conventionally, the essential oil is taken from jasmine flowers by different extraction methods, including solvent extraction and steam distillation. However, these methods have drawbacks such as loss of volatile compounds, low yield, and accruement of toxic solvent residues. In the industrial system, these processes are still applied for different reasons such as simplicity of installation and ease of method performing. Steam distillation, though one of the most common methods, damages the delicate jasmine flowers.

The optimum way of producing jasmine oil is by hydrodistillation. This helps maintain the antibacterial compounds of the oil most fully, however it produces the lowest yield as compared to solvent extraction. The effect of distillation time, distillation temperature, feed size, water-raw material ratio to the yield of the distillation process was analyzed and recorded. With 6 hours, 1200 C, grind fresh and a ratio of 2:1 the yield is 0.092%. Solvent extraction produces the highest yield.


Does jasmine essential oil lift the mood and act as a relaxant and sleep aid?

Jasmine oil is known for its calming, soothing properties. It can help lower anxiety whilst easing restlessness, thus promoting a healthier, happier mood. The sedative, antispasmodic calming qualities in the oil can help improve sleep quality.

Does jasmine essential oil help acne, stretch marks, scars and cellulite ?

Jasmine essential oil, in conjunction with natural ingredients, is suitable to be used as an effective facial cleanser and is ideal for treatment of acne. Jasmine can help soothe irritated, itchy, and dry skin without causing unwanted breakouts. It is known as a natural cicatrisant, which can help reduce the appearance of acne, scars and stretch marks. It can also help eliminate the appearance of cellulite. A massage with the oil can help release endorphins which can lead to increased blood flow thus promoting skin rejuvenation. 

Does jasmine essential oil help to even skin tone and oiliness?

Jasmine oil works as a great tonic and can help eliminate dark spots and uneven tone leaving healthy, radiant skin. It can help control the excess sebum production which can lead to T-zone oiliness.  It helps reduce oiliness without leaving the skin feeling dry. Regular use promotes balanced, healthy, glowing skin.

Does jasmine essential oil soothe, heal and protect the scalp

Jasmine is a natural healer. It has antiseptic qualities which help eliminate scalp irritations and dandruff leading to healthier hair follicles whilst reducing breakage and promoting elasticity.  

Does jasmine essential oil have an aphrodisiac effect?

Jasmine’s romantic scent has long been believed to have an aphrodisiac effect.

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