About Raydazzle

We are Ray Dazzle ™ are:
Local. Natural. Honest.

We create products that enhance and celebrate natural beauty. We use locally sourced and natural products as much as possible.

The proof is in the pudding. Try us!
Honesty is our rule – our products actually work, as attested by our growing list of clients. Sales have been spreading worldwide through word of mouth, now we want to share it with you.

Family is at our core.
As a family business, we believe true beauty begins in the heart and at home. Therefore, Ray Dazzle ™ not only endeavours to work with other family-run businesses, Ray Dazzle™ should be used by all members of the family.

As with all Conscious Skincare products, this one is amazing and feels great on your skin.’ UK

Why Choose Us

100% Pure & Natural

We believe that all ingredients needed for high performance, Healthy cosmetics can be found in Nature. Therefore, we only utilize certified organic, natural, and pure effective plant-based ingredients in our formulas. Without compromise! You can be sure of that!

Next Level Organic

Our ingredients are 100% certified organic because we avoid pesticide residues whilst supporting organic agriculture. Conventional and synthetic additives are avoided entirely. This is what makes our fresh cosmetics so unique it is always what makes the skin happy!

For Future Generations

Not only are the contents of our products 100% organic, but we also place emphasis on sustainable packaging; Recyclable glass bottles are used. These can then be up-cycled by our customers. Click here to read about up-cycling your bottles. The labels are made up of rapidly biodegradable eco foil.