East meets West
Ray Dazzle was born out of a need the need for a sustainable business that addressed the needs and wants of their clients specifically. Its dazzle is divinely conceived. Our dear mother, Mary inherited thin, brittle and inappropriately managed hair. She partly thought nothing could be done about the brittleness of her hair but her tenacious spirit always sought a solution; and in her 70s created a hair cream that restored her breaking hairline and brought life to her dull, brittle hair. She’s now 73 years old but still sails through life with the same virve and strength she had from her youth. Having spent around forty years in medical practice in England, she desired a change; and word of mouth about her effective new hair cream, set her on a quest for an ethical and sustainable business. This was the embryo for Ray Dazzle ™. It was born in the summer of 2018.


An Ethical family run business


From the outset, we knew that our products needed to fulfill five key criterias:


  • Be locally sourced from disempowered groups where our ingredients are sourced
  • Have the highest quality of compounds possible (including our organic ranges)
  • Train groups of young men and women in order to improve their skills and employability in the manufacturing base.
  • Encourage the use of natural locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.
  • That fair prices and fair wages are paid to all workers irrespective of gender or class.

Ray Dazzle ™ is a family run business. It is run across two continents Africa, and Europe and it sets out divinely ambitious targets aimed at disrupting the cosmetics market and becoming the leading brand for natural hair and beauty products, with an African twist.


Our products are client specific and are tailored for each client’s needs. For instance, black, brown, multiracial as well as straight-haired peoples’ hair needs are not the same and we treat them with the individuality and care with which they were created.



We are Ray Dazzle.
Local. Natural. Honest.
We create products that enhance and celebrate natural beauty. We use locally sourced and natural products as much as possible.

The proof is in the pudding.
Honesty is our rule  our products actually work, as attested by our growing list of clients. Sales have been spreading through word of mouth, now we want to share it with you.

Family is our core.
As a family business, we believe true beauty begins in the heart and at home. Therefore, not only endeavours to work with other family run businesses, Ray Dazzle products can be used by all the family.

Our products reflect our quintessentially African heritage and western influence.



Ray Dazzle was born out of a grandmother’s desire to create a natural hair product that actually worked. As someone who learnt to sell goods to support her family from an early age, her innovation and commercial nuance soon kicked in and a natural, deluxe, organic and vegan range of hair and beauty products which incorporates the wonders of West Africa’s botanical life was born.


Her innovation and commercial nuance soon kicked in and a natural, deluxe, organic and vegan range of beauty products which incorporates the wonders of West Africa’s botanical life was born.


Ray Dazzle aims to spread the richness of West Africa’s bloom as a leading brand for natural beauty products.




We endeavour wherever possible to actively engage with local farmers and producers and to use materials and packaging which is locally sourced, designed and made and which is recyclable and reusable.

Sustainable Skin & Hair care



In addition to using organic locally sourced ingredients, wherever possible, we endeavour to source sustainably produced packaging and materials, including using recyclable reusable packaging.

Razzle Dazzle’s Foundation

Raydazzle Objectives:


  • Re-investing in the lives of local farmers and producers in the West African peninsula.
  • Investing in sustainable raw materials, improving farming skills.
  • Paying fair prices for premium products.
  • Investing in education and improving the skills base of local producers.
  • Encouraging self-employment within the undereducated and underemployed class.
  • Only using premium ranges.