1.1. The contract comes into effect when the customer orders, and when its order had been accepted by Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, For the customer, placing an order implies that he fully agrees with the present terms and conditions.

1.2. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, is doing its best to process the order of the customer, as soon as possible, and to send the products within 48 hours after the order (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, legal non-working days, and possible holidays indicated on the website). In the case the customer has chosen the “in advance payment method”, the order is sent within 24 hours after the receiving of the payment. If Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, is not able to respect those deadlines, Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, will inform the customer as soon as possible, and the customer will be allowed to cancel his order if he wants, and in this last case if the customer already paid, he will be refunded as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the order won’t be considered as cancelled, if the products are available or delivered before the request of cancellation.

1.3. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, reserves the right to restrict number of purchasable products, and to cancel the order in case of extraordinary heavy or voluminous order. If a product is not available at the stage of the sending, this product won’t be charged, neither sent at a later stage.

2.1. All the indicated prices include the UK VAT (7.7%). Those prices do not include possible shipping costs. All prices are subject to availability. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, reserves the right to modify prices in case of raw material price changings, salary or taxes changings, exchange rates changings, or any other event which influences prices. In such cases, Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, informs the customer as soon as possible.

2.2. In the case an incorrect price is displayed on the website, and that whatever the reason (bug, technical of manual mistake, etc.), the order will be cancelled and Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, will inform the customer as soon as possible. In such a case, the customer will have the possibility, if he wants, to order again at the corrected price.

2.3. The customer has the choice between several payment methods: Visa, Master Card, or “in advance payment method” (bank transfer). In case of payment in advance, the customer gets 3% rebate on the total amount of his order (excluded possible shipping costs).

2.4. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, can cancel an order if the customer is insolvent, or if he didn’t pay in time previous orders, or if Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, has valuable reasons to think that the customer has fraudulent intentions.

2.5. If the client is leaving outside UK, the payment can only be done in advance (bank transfer).


3.1. The customer must check that the provided personal data are correct and complete. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, cannot be responsible of the impossibility of the delivery if the data the customer provided are incorrect or incomplete. In case of return of the order to Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, for such reasons, the re-shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

3.2. In the case damages occur during the shipping, the company commissioned for the shipping is responsible.

3.3. Upon receiving his order, the customer must check the state of the packet. In the case when the customer has any doubt about the state or the content of the packet, or in presence of visible irregularity (damaged packet, open packet, liquid marks, etc.), the customer should not open the packet. He must decline the packet and bring it back to the Post office (or give it back to the delivery man, if applicable) as soon as possible, and inform Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, within 3 days.

3.4. Any order placed on the website and delivered outside of UK may be subject to taxes and custom duties applicable in the destination country. The customer becomes the importer, and is consequently liable for these duties and taxes and the costs are at his expenses. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, invites the customer to ask the details to the competent authorities of his country, before placing an order. For the ordered sent outside of UK, the prices are charged without the UK VAT.
Guarantee and responsibility
4.1. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, guarantees the delivery of high-quality products. The satisfaction of the client is the priority of Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, Nevertheless, if the customer is not satisfied of the delivered products, he can contact Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, every complaint must be done as soon as possible after the receipt of the products. Hidden defects must be notified to Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, as soon as they have been detected. The sum corresponding to the defective products will be refunded to the customer. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, reserves the right to demand to the customer the proofs of the defect, before performing any refund.

4.2. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, considers that the given information relative to the products are correct. Nevertheless, the consumer must check the existence of possible contraindications before use.

4.3. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, as a reseller, is not responsible for any directs or indirect damages that could be caused by the products. Only the manufacturer is responsible.

4.4. The customer cannot demand compensations to Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, in case of interruption of the contract by Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, or in case of delivery delays.

4.5. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, is not responsible for any or disadvantages or damages intrinsic to the use of Internet, for example Internet connection breakdowns, cyber-attacks, computer virus, computer intrusion, or any case of force majeure.

4.6. The customer declares that he is above the age of 18 and has the legal capacity or, in the absence thereof, parental authorisation enabling him to enter into the contract. Should these conditions not have been respected, in order to settle a possible dispute, we reserve the right to contact the legal guardian of the person concerned directly. We will therefore be authorized, in particular, to require that guardian to pay for all orders contracted by the person concerned.

5.1. Every order that had been placed is irrevocable. Nevertheless, if the customer realizes that he made a mistake in his order, he can contact Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, to cancel a part or the totality of his order. After the receipt of his order, the customer has 7 days to inform Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, and to return the non-desired products. It is essential that the returned products have to be in their original state (packaging, accessories, instructions), non-used, and still sealed. The return costs are paid by the customer, and the products travel at the risk of the customer. After receipt of the products, Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, will refund the customer (excluding shipping costs).

5.2. In case of non-compliance with this return procedure, the customer cannot claim for cancellation of his order.


6.1. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, safeguards the confidentiality the personal data of the customer. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, promises to not give the private data to third parties. Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, transmits private data to third parties, only when they are essential for the proper accomplishment of the order or the payment (for instance, data transmission to the Post, or data transmission to a collection company in case of non-payment).

6.2. In the case the customer subscribed to the newsletter, he can unsubscribe at any time, easily and freely, by following the instructions or by contacting Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd,

Applicable law and competent court

7.1. The present terms and conditions and contractual relationships between Ray Dazzle (UK) Ltd, and the customer are subject to the UK Law.

7.2. If one or more specifications of these terms and conditions are considered as invalid or declared as such by a law implementation, a rule or after the decision of a competent court, the effect and scope of all other specifications shall remain unaffected.

7.3. For the interpretation of these terms and conditions, only the English version is applicable, even if translations are provided to the customer and approved by the customer.