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Neo Hair Lotion

For men and women suffering from baldness and hair loss. Neo Hair Lotion helps blood circulation in the scalp and helps reduce hair loss and baldness.

Stimulates Blood circulation around the cells in the scalp

Causing the hair follicle to receive nutrients, resulting in the hair roots being rejuvenated, nourished thereby accelerating stronger hair growth. It reduces hair loss and strengthens the hair shaft.

How to use it

Best use: after a shower or bath on a dry scalp.

Recommended: Derma Roller 1.5mm microneedle to help open the pores.  

Application: apply Neo Hair Lotion directly on to the scalp or on to the area that is affected by hair loss.

Massage Neo Hair Lotion into the scalp for 2-3 minutes to help stimulate blood circulation.

Caution: After application. Do not dye, bleach or add colours to hair as this may interfere with the base nutrients in Neo Hair Solution. 

When to use: Use Neo Hair Lotion in the morning and at night-time. Apply it just before bedtime.

Delicate areas: If applying to small delicate areas like the eyebrows or side beard, you Neo Hair Lotion can be applied with a cotton bud, cotton wool or cotton pad. You can then massage it till the lotion is fully absorbed into the skin.



FAQs & Answers:

It can be used by both men and women of all ages, to reduce hair loss and baldness. Pregnant and breastfeeding women or those prone to allergies should always consult a medical practitioner, if in doubt.

Neo Hair Lotion unique combination of 100 percent natural ingredients bring new life to balding and thinning scalps. Cantaloupe helps inhibit hair loss and hastens hair growth whilst improving the strength of the hair strands. Saw palmetto helps to reduce the effects of DHT, a derivative of testosterone that prevents the hair from absorbing nutrients from the blood, including zinc. It acts as a DHT blocker. It slows down and prevents hair loss. Ginseng which helps stimulate blood circulation in the body and scalp and reduces hair miniaturisation. Thus, promoting healthy hair growth.

Neo Hair Lotion ingredients are 100% natural and side effects are not common. However, in the unlikely event that you experience any burning, stinging, or redness at the application site, please discontinue use, wash with cool water. If any of these effects persist or worsen, please contact a medical practitioner promptly. It is always advisable to seek medical or professional advice if pregnant, breastfeeding or prone to allergies.

Avoid painting or dying your hair while using Neo Hair Lotion. The chemical components may make Neo Hair Lotion less effective.

Neo Hair Lotion is 100% natural and can therefore be applied to other body areas requiring hair growth including beards, armpit hair, chest hair, pubic hair. Its unique combination of ingredients stimulates and deeply nourishes hair follicles, helping faster hair cell growth.

For maximum efficacy and optimum results, it is recommended Neo Hair Lotion is used daily, every morning and evening.

With continued use, both morning and before bedtime, significant changes should be seen in your hair after use of 1-3 bottles, or approximately 3 months, though this varies from person to person because everyone’s hair grows slightly differently. As with all hair products, patience and persistence are required to achieve the best results.

It is recommended that Neo Hair Lotion is used daily every morning and evening.

There is currently no limit on how many times you can use Neo Hair Lotion. Because it is 100% natural, it can be used until you are satisfied with your hair growth.

Reviews indicate that Neo Hair Lotion helps to effectively treat hair loss and baldness. This is because of the unique nutrient-rich combination of 100% natural ingredients which inhibit excessive DHT, stimulate blood flow and deeply nourish the roots, thus promoting healthy hair growth.

Neo Hair Lotion recovers lost hair and revitalizes damaged hair. It can be used by men and women alike. Its new formula not only promotes hair growth, it also inhibits greying of the hair in both men and women.

Neo Hair Lotion’s unique 100% natural nutrient-rich formula not only nourishes the hair root, whilst regenerating new hair cells it also eradicates dandruff and other skin issues. 


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