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Neo Hair Lotion Hair spray


Neo Hair Lotion Hair spray. Helps prevent hair loss, baldness, and dandruff. Packaged in a 120 ml sized easy to use spray bottle. It is a 100% natural hair serum. It repairs and maintains hair roots and accelerates the regeneration of new hair. It helps keep hair strong and helps to resolve baldness and hair loss and other conditions like dandruff.



A fantastic natural product that regrows hair without any surgery. Formulated from natural herbs and plants that help to stimulate blood circulation under the scalp. Ingredients include Ginseng, Cantaloupe, and Saw Palmetto. It deeply nourishes hair follicles, thus helping faster hair cell growth. It acts as a DHT blocker that slows down and prevents hair loss. Expect to see regrowth after continued use in the mornings and evenings for two to three months after the third bottle although this may vary, depending on the severity of the balding area.

100% natural extracts from herbs and plants. Non-greasy: water-based, easy to use.
Designed to treat genetic and trauma-based baldness.
Hair loss problems? Going bald? Worried? Slow down! Try Neo Hair Lotion.
Regain your confidence with this revolutionary 100% natural hair loss treatment!